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Willie Simmons Has Served 38 Years For a $9 Robbery

This statement might seem unbelievable, but maybe some areas of the United States have a system full of lawlessness. The news is that the man who stole only $ 9 was arrested at the age of 25 and now at 62, he is behind bars.

Willie Simmons is from Alabama and has been the victim of a state law called 'Habitual Offenderla' and is accused of stealing only nine dollars. If all their details were shared on Twitter, then it would have been possible to know the tragic story of Willie.

The US news agency has shared the tweets of its journalist Beth Shelburne, who has been reading the details of the incarcerated guardian for over three decades.

According to the tweet, he was imprisoned at the age of 25 and has not been released on parole since 1982. He was also accused of buying a stolen property that he had already been convicted of, but Wali does not remember what his crimes are, but he does know that he must have committed a crime. According to him, they stole $ 9 from a man's wallet.

After the death of his sister, no one has come to visit Wali since 2005 and he has been kept in one of the most dreaded prisons in the United States, where addicted criminals fight among themselves.

Please sign this petition! Willie Simmons has served 38 years for a $9 robbery


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