If You Want To Stay Healthy Then Give Life A Purpose

Thursday, 26 December 2019

A recent study from 21-year-old youths in the United States to over 100-year-olds reveals that people who think that their lives are meaningful and meaningful are healthy as they grow older.

After thoroughly analyzing participants' responses to detailed survey forms filled with 1042 people in San Diego County, California, experts have concluded that their lives are meaningful and meaningful, Or those looking for a purpose or meaning in life are generally healthy as they age. On the contrary, those who are convinced to spend their lives 'just like that', tend to be more ill-advised and ill-advised. Give purpose to life.

Youth is described as a healthy and old age disease. Although declining health with aging, the study found that all individuals who were convinced or sought for some "purpose" and "concept" in their lives, both mentally and physically. Owners of good health; while their age, people who were not convinced of any purpose in life or were looking for a meaning in life, were more prone to various physical and psychological illnesses as they got older. And started to influence people. In addition, these people's ability to learn (new learning) also begins to decline rapidly as they get older.

So the message of this research, wrapped in complex data and technical language, is simple: Live meaningfully so that as you age, your mind will function well and your physical health will be perfect.

Details of this study have been published in the latest issue of the "Journal of Clinical Psychiatry".

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