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What Does Wi-Fi Stand For - Wifi Full Form

If you look up Wi-Fi the definition is “A facility that allows smartphones computers and other devices to connect to the internet or communicate wirelessly within a particular area.” But there’s a lot more to the Wi-Fi story than that.

 “What does Wi-Fi stand for?”
 If you’re going to a coffee shop or restaurant you say “do you have Wi-Fi” what you’re simply meaning is do you have a wireless internet connection? But according to PhilBelanger, who is a founding member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, formerly known as the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, or W.E.C.A. for short, Wi-Fi doesn’t actually stand for anything.
 It’s not an abbreviation, it’s not an acronym, it’s not short for anything, it’s not some inside joke that they have... its nothing. They just made it up for the purpose of branding. The Wi-Fi Alliancehired a company called Interbrand who is responsible for names you’ve probably heard of like Compaq, the Nissan Xterra, Prozac among other things to come up with a name and a logo that they could use for branding purposes or for marketing purposes.

Off a list of 10 to 13 names the Wi-Fi Alliance chose “Wi-Fi” so they didn’t have to use IEEE.802.11B as the name which was a great call because Wi-Fi is a heck of a lot easier to remember than IEEE.802.11B...dot. They almost ran with the name Trapeze which, if you think about, it is kind of odd because if they did then we would walk into a place and ask, “Uh..hi...do you have a Trapeze connection?”“Ah, great! Is it free?” “Oh, hey sorry what’s your Trapeze password... the password for your trapeze?” “Oh, I have to pay...oh, I thought you said it was free.” Or maybe society would have shortened it to something else but either way, it goes I think Wi-Fi sounds a lot better than Trapeze anyway, good choice guys.

Anyways, the story goes something like this, the Wi-Fi Alliance needed to brand their technology so they called Interbrand. Interbrand presented them with a list of 10 to 13 names and the Wi-Fi Alliance chose Wi-Fi.

The folks at the Wi-Fi Alliance couldn’t handle moving forward with a made-up name that didn’t have any explanation at all so they gave it the meaning was the tagline of “The standard for wireless fidelity”, and now everybody confused... way to go guys. After Wi-Fi got a little more mainstream they dropped the meaningless tagline and left it with a stand-alone name, WiFi. They expected the whole wireless fidelity thing to just fade away once they dropped the tagline off but, it didn’t work out the way you thought it was going to do it, guys?

If you ask around a lot of people, like me until now, I still think that it stands for wireless fidelity. Seriously you can go ask around and I guarantee somebody is gonna say that it stands for wireless fidelity. So when somebody asks you what Wi-Fi stands for you can say, “nothing, why does everything gotta stand for something they probably just made it up.” and you will be correct and you can just sit there basking in it while they hop on Google and try to prove you wrong.


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