A bloody wolf, a symbol of terror in Russia, was killed

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Russia: A very bloodthirsty and unusually large wolf has been killed by a hunter in Russia who has long been the cause of fear in the region.

The wolf was a symbol of terror in the snow-covered peaceful countryside, especially in Alexander Woka's people. The area is located in a district in southwestern Russia, where the wolf was frequently seen around the cemetery, and this caused fear among the people.

Due to fear of the people, the wolf became more fearful and started attacking the animals. The beast attacked and killed a total of 200 cows, dogs, small cattle and even horses.
Some villagers then thought to target him with a gun and searched him in the cemetery where the wolf was spotted and was targeted. Upon his death, the area breathed a sigh as the adults and children were not able to escape the fear. Within a month, the monster had slaughtered several animals.

Local hunter Igor Bruno told reporters that this year has been a tough one for us and we have beaten the wolves. There are more than 30,000 such wolves throughout Russia, but they do not reach the population and have been missing from the scene for a while, but often come to villages and Kachi populations and target pets.

Earlier, they were targeted by helicopters in Siberia, but protests by animal rights organizations had to stop. A special trap was suggested in its place, but deer and other rare animals are also caught and killed in these traps.

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