How to Get Rid of the Feeling of Tiredness or Burn Out?

Saturday, 21 March 2020

I was constantly going to work. I was in love with my company. I call it my greatest love because it has become so important to me. My existence was getting wrapped up in my work. If I wasn't hiring, I wouldn't have known who I was. '

In 2017 Amber Coaster was climbing the ladder of success at a technology company. She was under 30 years of age and traveled the world for work.

"On paper, my life looked great." But everything was not right in her life and she was ignoring the signals she was receiving repeatedly. "I used to say I was tired of the constant feeling of exhaustion."
Apart from fatigue and nausea, they had migraine problems, severe abdominal pain, skin rashes, and eczema. The doctor did not understand his disease. London resident Amber took a two-week leave to recover, but things got worse.

"I didn't speak well," he said. I would be at the dinner table with my boyfriend and ask him for water and tell me to hold my post. I couldn't even read the numbers. He could not even go to the store to buy the goods.

Initially, he took two weeks off from work. During this time doctors performed several tests. It gradually changed in two weeks to six months.

One doctor told them that their blood test results were as good as any 20-year-old Olympic athlete.

Amber said, 'I was just crying. I knew something was wrong. I used to think I was crazy. '

What his doctors didn't know, and what they didn't even realize was that Ember continued to do a lot of work for a long time.

She wakes up at five and a half in the morning every morning and doesn't return to bed before 11:30 pm. She also did nothing else on Saturdays because of office work. She was constantly telling other people on her team to ensure work as well as comfort. However, no one ever told them that they were not doing it themselves. Even when she tried to work less, she could not keep her mind off of work altogether.

Eventually, she reached out to a psychologist for treatment. They realized that not only their body but their mental health was also badly affected.

How to recognize the symptoms?

The problem facing Ember is called doctors burnout. Dr. Nareena Ram Lakhan said, “The physical symptoms of burnout are the kind of warning your brain is giving you.

"If we rest the mind for a while and look at the changes in the body, we will feel a slight pain in the body, which is the initial symptoms that eventually lead to major problems and the body changes them We call upon to help. "

Dr. Ram Lakhan suggests that we should take a brief break during work to keep ourselves away from the screen. The phone should be kept out of the bedroom on the way, in the bathroom, during meals and at night. Eat well for health and sleep at night at an obligatory time.

Stages of burnout

The first step, the feeling of constant stress: to feel that there is still much to do, to wake up in the morning with the same feeling, to start the morning with coffee and a cell phone in hand.

Step 2: You stop taking work breaks. Work longer hours and continue to work even at home.

Step 3: The physical symptoms begin to progress slowly. Headache or migraine complaints, need to go to the bathroom frequently, frequent colds that do not leave behind quickly and body aches.

Step 4: Increase confusion, anger, and uneasiness in your behavior, more discussion with colleagues, getting upset or annoyed by small talk, making more mistakes, severe body aches, back, back and neck. Pain.

Fifth Step: When those who work with you begin to complain about your behavior, feeling tired, nervous and depressed, and more serious medical problems. This is the place where you have no choice but to leave.

After treatment Amber recovers and goes back to the office. He then started to raise awareness among people in the office about mental health. Other people in the office began to report their own problems.

Ember no longer works at this company. They bought a house for themselves, got married, and now they love to run. They have opened a company of their own. The company aims to help other companies maintain a balance between workers' health and achieving goals.

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