Scientists Have Discovered 139 Small Planets

Sunday, 22 March 2020

PENNSYLVANIA: US astronomers have announced the discovery of 139 smaller planets in our solar system, orbiting the sun on a planet called "Copper Belt."

It should be noted that since 2006, the division of the planets in the solar system has removed Pluto from the list of planets and added them to the "small planets".

Beyond Neptune, millions of smaller planets have been discovered in our solar system, which is part of our solar system, while in our body space is bigger than rocks, rocks, honeybees, and dim stars, but much smaller than "regular planets.

Interestingly, Pennsylvania State University astronomers have discovered these small planets through data obtained from ground telescopes called the "Dark Energy Survey"; although the real purpose of this research project is in our universe " Dark energy is to be discovered, not to find the planet.

Experts hope that the astronomical techniques used in this discovery will solve some of the major issues of our own solar system in the future, including the case of the particular "planet X" (unknown planet).

Experts believe that on the outer edges of our solar system, even away from Pluto, there may be a planet that is heavily loaded but we have not yet discovered it. Due to its gravity, the orbits of the astronauts and planets Neptune found in the Kuiper Belt have grown significantly.

However, despite all our efforts, we are still unable to discover this unknown planet.

A complete investigation of the discovery of 139 small planets over the past four years from Pennsylvania State University has been published in a recent issue of "The Astrophysical Journal."

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