9 Tips For Teaching Children at Home

Monday, 6 April 2020

Prominent teachers in the US and Europe have outlined some ways that can be very useful for parents who are concerned about their children's education. Let's look at these issues again and again.

1: Decorate school, make it normal

Assign a homeroom to a virtual school. If possible, have children dress in uniforms so they can understand it psychologically during school hours. The suggestion is from Brian Gallon, a teacher who says children are in the habit of habits and take advantage of them. Also, announce the timetables and schedules. Children may also be advised in this regard so that they may be interested.

Mika Sheppi, a teacher teaching social studies to the eighth grade, says the home-school period should be half that of the original school. If they teach for 6 hours at school, you should make home-school hours of 3 hours.

2: Use a planner

Write to children and give them work under a planner. Christina, who teaches English to the holiday community, says that write down each child's daily routine in a planner, which will encourage children and encourage them to do more.

3: Interval during lessons

Caitlin Dolphin, a fifth-grade schoolteacher, says that although they are at school or at half-time on their own, give them a few moments of graduation from home lessons. Then teach another article.

4: Get help from teachers

Another suggestion by Caitlin is that not all parents can be teachers because familiarity with educational psychology is essential. Nor can parents become teachers in a few days. It can also be helpful to have a teacher around you or online. There are also many teachers on Facebook who are there to help.

5: Take care of your children's mental health

There is no doubt that this period of the epidemic has also caused psychological problems for all of us. That is why it is so important to examine children's mental health as they feel themselves in prison. In this regard, try to keep them as positive as possible.

If they want to play with you for a while, do not hesitate. If you want to take a walk in the house, definitely do.

6: Pay Attention to Accounting Trends

Remember that each student learns in his or her own style and his / her ability to vary. So keep thinking about how to teach your child. If none of the methods work, go the other way. But remember that children's homeschooling is very effective, it just needs to be aligned with the needs, values ​​, and lifestyle of the child.

7: Get help online

There are lectures by many authentic teachers on YouTube and other platforms that are about reading and teaching at home. You can also get guidance from them. These websites feature NewsELA and RefWorks websites. Remember the Brian Pop website for teaching science. Dreambox and Zarran websites can be useful for math.

8: Include everyone in teaching

If parents teach their child too, it will encourage children and you will learn something yourself. Both father and mother teach children, says Craig Kaner, an educational psychologist. As you become involved in teaching children, the best results will begin to come from that moment.

9: Have a child's opinion

It is time for you to discover the trends of children. This article will also reveal to you the secret of how interested they are. Throughout the home teaching process, ask the children what they are learning and what they are interested in.

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