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Do Not Use 'Testers' In The Makeup Shop

Make-up stores in the UK have announced the throwing of makeup testers in their stores. Used testers can cause the spread of the Coronavirus among consumers.

Make-up testers in a shop can be viewed by any customer before buying anything specific.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the risk of spreading germs through these items has increased. Some UK makeup stores have said they will remove these testers from their stores in the near future.

The cod-19 virus spreads through coughing mucus particles. A tester used on lips, eyes or any other part of the face can be a source of transmission for the virus to another customer.

Generally, there is no barrier to the use of tester eyeliners, lipsticks, and other items that are typically placed in stores as a model. Companies such as 'Bots' and 'Super Drugs', which sell makeup in the UK, say that these used makeup testers can be a huge threat in the current situation.

However, these patterns are still available in many pharmacies and other makeup shops. However, there are also posters suggesting that people shop in the distance for each other.

"We are issuing new guidelines on the use of testers to ensure the health and safety of our customers and those who work here," says Bots, a pharmaceutical and makeup sales company in Ratana. We are removing the testers in the presence of makeup companies 'representatives in the stores.'

Boats also claimed that they would ensure hand sanitizer supply for all employees working here and for all customers visiting the store. In addition, shopkeepers are frequently asked to wash their hands.

Another company, Super Drug, has also said that they are removing testers from all their stores. They say it will be decided in the coming days as to when the testers will be used in the shops.


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