Is Sex Safe During Corona Virus Outbreaks?

Friday, 3 April 2020

Can I Have Corona Virus With Sex? This question may have come to your mind but you feel ashamed to talk to someone about it.

Separating the facts from the hypothetical, we have put some questions related to this to health professionals.

Dr. Alex George, who works in the Emergency Department, has also participated in the reality show 'Low Island'. Alex is a journalist working on the subject of Fox Sex and the former host of a program on BBC Radio One and co-host of the podcast 'The Modern Man'.

Is it safe to have sex during the coronavirus epidemic?

Dr. Alex George: If you are in a relationship ... So living with this person and being part of the same environment should not change your situation. However, if any of you have the symptoms of the coronavirus, then you must keep social distance and separate even within your own home. In an ideal world, everyone should live two meters away, even at home, but we realize that this is not realistic.

Alex Fox: It's also really important to understand that if you are experiencing the mild symptoms of the coronavirus, that will be the case for your partner. If you are showing any symptoms, try to stay away from your partner.

Can a new person have sex?

Dr. Alex: I definitely wouldn't recommend making a new sex partner right now because it's feared the virus would spread.

Alex Fox: Also don't forget that some people are carriers of the virus or those who have the virus, they will have no symptoms. So even if you are all right, you can still transmit the infection to another person and that person can transmit the virus by coming in or kissing someone else.

I have kissed someone I have met recently, and the symptoms are beginning to show, so what should I do?
Dr. Alex: If you think you have kissed someone or you have come in contact with someone who later appears to have symptoms of the coronavirus, then isolate yourself.

Keep an eye on your symptoms. Be more careful if the symptoms are increasing. Visit the Department of Health website to find information online. Contact the relevant helpline for your area.

Alex Fox: In relationships, we are responsible for each other and for ourselves. If you are having symptoms and you know you have recently kissed someone, you should let them know. And if you have kissed someone and they have symptoms and there is nothing in you, then separate yourself.

I wasn't using condoms before the Coronavirus, should I?

Alex Fox: The answer to this question depends on why you were not using condoms.

If you weren't using condoms because you both had 'STIs' or sexually transmitted diseases, you had sex before menopause and had an unplanned pregnancy. If you are using any other type of contraceptive medication to avoid, then this is fine. But if you were not using condoms because you were using the 'pull out' method or were at risk of transmitted diseases, it is very important that you now use condoms. Use.

Could touch one's vagina/vagina or penis cause coronavirus?

Dr. Alex: If you touch each other's organs, you may be kissing and we know that the virus spreads through the pelvis. Any chance of transmission of coronavirus primarily ... From your mouth to your hands, to the sex organs, to someone else's nose or mouth, the risk of transmission of the coronavirus increases. We have to minimize this risk. So your partner with whom you are not living, must not be connected to them.

How do I maintain my relationship now? I do not want to be alone

Alex Fox: This whole epidemic is inspiring many people to re-think what good sex life is and how to build a happy relationship. I have heard of people sending sex messages to each other and people who are in a relationship with each other but in Quarantine, how are they taking advantage of this time and distance. A lot of people are getting really creative. If you use your ideas a little too much, you can have a good time without even meeting or meeting each other.

It is also important to remember that some people will discover in the meantime that their or their partner's sexual desires are different. You may also encounter a situation where you first met your partner once a week and suddenly you started living together. You may find that you want sex but not your partner. It is important to talk about this in a respectful and loving way. Being together does not mean that you can have sex whenever your heart desires. And anyone who is going through a situation where they are not having a good time with their partner because they are forced to have sex, there are helplines to deal with it.

If I have HIV, is there a higher risk of getting the coronavirus?

Alex Fox: Dr. Michael Brady of the Terrence Higgins Trust has given very important advice in this regard. If you are already taking regular medications to combat HIV and have a good number of white cells in your blood to fight infection or the amount of HIV in the blood is unknown. If not, then your immune system is not considered weak. This means you are not at an increased risk of getting the coronavirus. If you are HIV positive, continue with your medication. Make sure that when it comes to things like isolation, you also follow the same principles that other people follow.

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