Discovery Of The Wordfish That Settled Millions of Years Ago

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Extraordinary fossils of swordfish have been discovered in a remote part of Australia. This fish existed 100 million years ago.

The two families saw the fish's skeleton while on vacation in northwest Queensland.

These fossils are thought to be related to animals that lived millions of years ago.

In these remains, the body of this fish-like object is three meters long and its nose is like that of an elephant.

Dr. Patrick Smith told that the important thing was that the model was very special and complete.

The head, fins, and spinal cord of this ancient creature have been preserved, says the administrator of the Australian Museum.

"We know it's a big carnivore and it used to hunt big fish that were the size of today's marlin fish," he said.

He says that because it looks like a swordfish, it may have belonged to the same ecosystem or community.

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