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Taylor Robinson, 19, disappeared from her job as a home health aide in Akron, Ohio.

I'm watching ID's Still A Mystery, and it's bringing attention to Taylor Robinson's disappearance and (likely) murder. Some details online are scarce, so I'm going to try to summarize what the show has covered and what I've read.

Taylor Robinson was a 19-year-old Kent State student. She was studying to be a nurse and worked as a home health aide. Taylor was known as a kind person who volunteered at church and worked with special needs children. One night in May 2013, her mother dropped her off at the house where she was staying at night to watch a special needs child. The mother of the child was at work. The next morning, when Taylor's mom went to the house to pick her up, Taylor wasn't there. The mother of the child, who had arrived home shortly before, yells at Taylor's mom because Taylor is not at the house. Taylor's mom explains she dropped Taylor off the night before. Taylor's coat and shoes were left at the house, but there were no other signs of Taylor. Four months later, bones were found at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, 15 miles away, and identified as Taylor's. Clothing was found within a mile of the remains, but there is no indication of whether or not those clothes were Taylor's. The show says the remains were found close to a picnic area in a "heavily wooded" part of the Park, although it seems like it's not easily accessible by car. No cause of death could be determined.

There seems to be no forced entry into the home, and the assumption is Taylor let the person in the home. The night she went missing there were phone calls between Taylor and an ex-boyfriend. He lawyered up as soon as he was brought into the police station for questioning. The morning she disappeared, there was a text message from Taylor to a friend about a "favor". There was no response and then the phone was shut down shortly after.

I find the lack of available information interesting. No cause of death is interesting to me (four months can cause that much deterioration?), whether or not her ex-boyfriend has an alibi, who the friend was who received the text message about a favor, where did her phone last ping before it was shut down, etc.

Who and what happened to Taylor Robinson?







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