Discovery of the Giant Sea Cockroach With 14 Legs

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Many people are scared of small Cockroaches, but if a 20-inch long Giant Cockroach with 14 legs comes in front of someone, he may faint due to fear.

Until now, such large Cockroach was considered the story of a movie, but researchers in Singapore have found a marine Cockroach from the Indian Ocean that has 14 legs and is 20 inches in size.

According to a foreign news agency, researchers at the National University of Singapore were on a naval survey and found the largest ever Cockroach from the depths of the Indian Ocean.

A team from the National University of Singapore collected about 12,000 marine organisms from the deep sea, including an amazing 14 legs and a 20-inch Cockroach.

Researchers say that this is a brand new type of Cockroach called Bathynomus raksasa.

It should be noted that an ordinary Cockroach has 6 very delicate legs but the legs of this red bag are thick and poisonous.

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