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"Silver beggars" Rule The Streets Of Indonesia

Over the past year, silver-colored beggars have been spotted on the streets and highways of many Indonesian cities and have become the focus of local and media attention due to their appearance.

In the local language, he is called "Manusia Silver". It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Beggar in Indonesia has become increasingly popular.

The beggars say that after spraying the silver spray all over their bodies, they go out with a begging bowl or box in their hands. Due to their unique color, people recognize them from afar and thus they get begging more easily than other beggars and they do not have to raise their voices to beg.

In Indonesia, as in many other countries, begging is a crime, and in recent months the police have been cracking down on silver beggars in particular. This has definitely reduced the number of "Monosia Silver" but it is not gone.


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