When Nurse Charlotte Cole Hugged Her Son 11 Weeks Later

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Tears welled up in the eyes of Charlotte Cole, a nurse living in self-imposed loneliness when she hugged her two-year-old son after 11 traumatic weeks.

Charlotte Cole, a 30-year-old resident of Worcestershire, Lancashire, was heartbroken when she met her son George after so long.

When the son saw his mother, he ran to her. The mother admitted that she and her husband had tears in their eyes.

Charlotte works in a care home, and George has been referred to his grandparents since the Covid-19 case was confirmed.

The couple used to go to see their son but they could only see their son from the other side of the mirror.

When Charlotte's case was confirmed on April 1 in one of the seven care homes where Charlotte works, she had to make the most painful decision of separating her son from herself.

She also wanted to protect her mother, Brigitte, 55, and her father, Robert, 65.

However, last Friday, the mother and son started living together again.

"We went to get him and he came running to us on his own," said Charlotte Cole.

"I've never seen him run so fast before," she says. I will not let him be separated from me anymore. '

I was very happy to pick her up and hear her voice. During this time I missed her very much, especially her curly blonde hair. I faced the situation with courage but I was emotionally exhausted.

"I was broken inside, but I didn't want to be helpless and cry. It was very difficult to bear so much at the same time.

"I missed him so much ... He is the most cheerful child, always laughing and always thinking of doing something.

Charlotte now says she misses making tea for the baby and then putting him to bed.

"I never thought the separation would be so long, we thought it would be a week or two at most," says Charlotte Cole.

It was the hardest decision of our lives that we had to make, but it was also the easiest because we knew it was better for George and there was a way to keep him safe.

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