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Clean these Five Household Items with Potatoes

Did you know that every favorite vegetable of children and adults is very effective in cleaning vegetables as well as eating potatoes?

Potatoes are a staple vegetable in groceries because they blend in with everyone. Potatoes are probably the only vegetable that retains their flavor in combination with any other food, which is why potatoes are meat or potato spinach, potato bhindi or potato tandoori, potato fritters, or potato samosas. The place retains its uniqueness and adds flavor to the language in the form of 'fries' even when nothing is available to cook with it.

Sight and sunglasses

The biggest problem for spectacle wearers after the Corona epidemic is the fog on the spectacles caused by the mask, which deprives them of sight for a while. And the same thing happens on the beach that if the vision is weaker, the sea will not be visible without glasses and if you wear glasses, you will only see fog.

But the solution to this problem is hidden in the potatoes, just cut the potatoes and rub them gently on the glass because the starch in the potatoes does not allow fog to form on the glass, so eat potatoes and apply!

Rust removal

Rust is harmful to your abilities or to your valuables made of iron, but did you know that the potato arrow is a targeted recipe for removing rust from iron. Cut the potato into two pieces, now apply dishwashing soap and baking soda on its surface, now rub it on the rust until it disappears completely. Then wash the area with water and let it dry.

 Glass cleaning

 In some civilizations, breaking glass is considered a good omen, but no one wants to preserve the remnants of this good omen. Lifting glass fragments is a difficult task, as some pieces are so thin that you can't even see them and can cause discomfort by sticking to your hands or feet. The solution to this problem lies in potatoes. Divide the potatoes in half from the middle, rubbing the cut part where the glass is broken. However, as a precaution, be sure to wear thick gloves while doing this.

Silver polish

Jewelry or utensils, whether gold or silver, lose their luster after a while. But did you know that every vegetable companion adds a new sparkle to the splendor of potatoes and silverware? Instead of throwing away the water after boiling the potatoes, save them. This water contains a large amount of starch and it easily removes stains on silverware. Soak silverware or jewelry in this water for at least an hour, polish it after it dries, and then see if it shines like new.

Clear the grease marks

Potatoes are great for small spots, especially grease marks. Potatoes have the ability to clean well. Cut the potato in half, rub it on the grease stain and wash, repeat this process if needed.


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