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Now it is Very Easy to Shorten The Big Pill of Medicine

Children or adults often have great difficulty swallowing large pills filled with medicine and this is why many patients run away from taking medicine.

Now, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have succeeded in halving the size of these pill components. In this way, it will be easier for them to eat by preparing the big medicine with brevity.

This new technology is especially effective for medicines that contain water-soluble molecules. They are called Acto Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and are an important component of herbal medicine. About 60% of the drugs currently available are of this type, meaning most drugs can be compressed in this way.

API components are currently crushed into nanocrystals so that human cells can absorb them well. These crystals are then mixed into compounds called excipients, an example of which is a polymer derived from cellulose called methylcellulose. This strengthens the APIs and makes it easier to control their emissions. They dissolve easily in water and become part of the body.

But this process takes a lot of time and energy and also affects the effectiveness of the medicine. To address this, MIT professor Patrick Doyle and his students have devised a new pharmaceutical method. Scientists are now working on a cholesterol-lowering drug called fenofibrate. First, it was dissolved in a type of oil called anisol. It was then subjected to ultrasonication and the two components were mixed with water. This mixture now takes the form of a thick emulsion.

In the next step, the nano-emulsion is poured into hot water where it solidifies and becomes a solid gel-like droplet. This drying resulted in a drug in which the nanocrystals of fenofibrate were spread evenly. Now they have been ground into bullets. In this way, the gel can be immediately poured into any mold to make a pill.

When the tablets were made with the same ingredients and strength, they were 50% smaller. Thus, a cholesterol-lowering pill has been shortened. In the next phase, it will be tested on other drugs.


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