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Would You Like to Eat Plastic Vanilla Ice Cream?

How would you react if you were asked to eat an ice cream that tasted like plastic waste? Scientists have succeeded in converting plastic waste into vanilla flavors with genetically engineered bacteria.

According to research published in the scientific journal Green Chemistry, scientists say that vanilla flavor and aroma are made from a compound called 'vanillin', which is naturally extracted from the seeds of Pronila, while this flavor is also made artificially. Eighty-five percent of vanillin is made from a chemical derived from fossil fuels.

With the increasing use of vanillin in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and herbal medicines, its demand is growing rapidly, and by 2025 its annual demand is expected to reach 65,000 tons. In view of this demand for vanillin, scientists have used a unique method to convert plastic waste into vanillin, which will meet the demand for this chemical as well as reduce plastic pollution.

In this new method, researchers at the University of Edinburgh used genetically modified E. coli bacteria to convert therapeutic acid into vanillin. Scientists say that the chemical synthesis of therapeutic acid and vanillin is very similar, and that engineered bacteria are required for a slight change in the hydrogen and oxygen numbers attached to a single carbon backbone.

In this method, the scientists kept the genetically engineered bacteria with therapeutic acid for one day at a temperature of 37 degrees, which turned 79% of therapeutic acid into vanillin.

The day is not far when you will be able to enjoy plastic vanilla ice cream and other items to reduce plastic waste worldwide.

Remember that plastic waste is a major headache for environmentalists because it does not go away even after hundreds of years, in view of this situation, scientists are conducting various experiments to recycle plastic waste. 


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